Results & Testimonials
“Working with Salim has been a blessing. 
In 30 days I generated over 13,000 in sales with only $600 spent on advertising. 
I couldn't be more thrilled” 

Sadie Weldon - Body Works Cryo 

"Within 30 days of working with Salim... we doubled our income" 

Amanda - Body By Design

"Working With Salim has been a game changer for our business " 

Mark & Katie - Below Zero Cryo

"We were completely booked up to the point where we couldn't take any walk ins"
"We were completely booked up to the point where
 we couldn't take any walk ins"

Shane Thompson - Cryoshock

Shane - Cryoshock 

"We are getting a lot of inflow now .. in just 30 days we got 60 new paying clients  and many returning clients "

Dana - Arctic Cryo

"Super super happy with the results" 

Shawn - ExpressCRYO

"We got better results using your strategy for 2 weeks than an agency got us in 3 months " 

James - FloCryo

"It's going to be a great 2020 for CryoBella " 

Jennifer - CryoBella 

"It's the best thing I've ever done .. within 90 days we generated $29,045 from first time visits only "

Brad - Salt N Cryo

"Thanks to Salim and his Dr Approach we are now able to easily turn first time visits into large packages" 

Mark & Matt - GoCryoSD

"I'm now getting  20-30 new body slimming clients per month without hiring expensive agencies  "

Ginna - Catharsis Holistics